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How To Use This Site

Our purpose in creating this web-based platform is to provide you the most immediate access to live performances of music, theater, opera, dance and festivals in San Miguel de Allende. This brief overview of the site will share some of the helpful features to assist in finding the entertainment you are seeking.

You can access this site by either scanning the QR Code found on promotional materials, posters and ads (see QR Code below) or by typing into your mobile or laptop browser. Since we hope you will be using the site regularly, we suggest you bookmark the site for easy access.

In order to provide you the latest and most updated information, even events entered minutes before your access, we have created a unique system in San Miguel to allow for this accessibility. Once approved, registered performers and performance venues can post and update their events in real time. That means you will see them immediately as soon as the event is published.

When you first enter this web platform and scroll down, you will see all the live performance events beginning with TODAY. Under the top search bar section, you can search more specifically for what type of entertainment you are looking for today and beyond. The second search bar section allows you many options to narrow your choice, by looking for a specific performer or venue under “Q Search”, your favorite genre, the location/area of town (MAP will show you where everything is happening on a Google Map under Change View), the type of venue or by DATE. The Date search allows you many choices for your planning. These all offer dropdown menus to ease your search. You can also search for specific Performers or Venues in the top Search section, which provides profiles,
their upcoming posted events and even the opportunity
to contact performers for future bookings.

Once you find an event of interest, just click on the event to take you to a page with all the details, including a link to the venue to make reservations or buy tickets. This is an informational web platform ONLY to help you find live performance in San Miguel. We do not make reservations or sell tickets on this web platform.

We hope we have created an easy-to-use tool to enrich your experience of finding live performance in San Miguel de Allende. Enjoy!

NOTE to performers, organizations and performance venues. To register or sign into your account to create events, go to Login/Register.

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How To Use This Site

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