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We truly appreciate our Advertisers because it is their generous support that provides the San Miguel LIVE! service to performers and venues to post their events for FREE and to consumers to access those promoted events at NO COST!

San Miguel LIVE! makes the GOOD LIFE even BETTER in San Miguel de Allende.

The audiences that love to be entertained can also be your customers.  If you drive customers to music, theater, dance and festival events; then venues, restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, wineries, realtors, healthcare services, galleries, stores and service providers of all kinds can also benefit as people search for their entertainment, winning their own enthusiastic new customers. We believe that San Miguel LIVE! provides a great value in reaching a significant targeted audience with interests and the means to enjoy the products you have to offer.

In our short two years in business, our presence and audience in the San Miguel market have grown exponentially.  The site reaches a diverse audience consisting of locals and visitors, Expats and Mexicans, who have the potential of becoming qualified clients for local advertisers.

We collect our analytics and reach data monthly for ourselves and for our advertising clients, so we know the actual performance results for San Miguel LIVE! and our clients.  Here are a few current monthly results:

  • 85 registered venues and more than 150 performers and organizations posting more than 170 events per week
  • Typically more than 7,000+ unique users
  • Typically more than 30,000 page views
  • Average time spent on site per visit = 3 minutes and 15+ seconds
  • Average impressions for advertisers on site alone are more that 80,000
  • Google and Meta add-on “targeted” packages are delivering top advertisers more than 500,000 impressions
  • Typical Google searches in San Miguel finds us FIRST more than 130,000 times with more than 5,200 clicks to our site
  • We promote our service to more than 1,400,000 impressions per month.

San Miguel LIVE! offers the BEST DIGITAL ADVERTISING and delivers the BEST RESULTS in the San Miguel de Allende market!

If you are interested in learning about the advertising benefits with San Miguel LIVE!, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and share our various packages and discounts, as well as the extensive promotional value of reaching our highly targeted and qualified audience.

The following opportunities are available on the web platform:

  • Gold banner ads across the entire website appear on every page
  • Silver banner ads appear below the Gold banner on every page
  • One-Shot Ads, integrated with the Silver ads, for shorter limited time special events or products

Other advertising packages and opportunities include:

  • Related Google and Meta advertising products increase visibility and exposure
  • Event ads and Pop-up ads
  • Promotional Cards (Printed)
  • Venue Posters (Printed)

Please contact us directly to discuss these opportunities

either through

on this site or by sending an email to

Thanks for your support and interest!




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