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San Miguel LIVE! is an information and promotion web-based digital platform service supporting live performance and other cultural arts events in San Miguel de Allende. 

This service and site were developed to promote live performance and other related entertainment and cultural events, including fine arts, film and literature. Performance events will include all forms of live music and opera, dance, theater, Karaoke, DJs and performance festivals.  Fine arts will include art and gallery openings and exhibits, but not workshops and classes.  Literature will include writer’s events, author and poetry readings and presentations.

We ask for the agreement of individuals and organizations posting live events on San Miguel LIVE! to adhere to our guidelines.  Events posted that do not conform with our vision will be removed without notice. Thanks for your understanding and agreement.

Once initially approved by San Miguel LIVE!, performance venues, performers and performance organizations enter the information into specific forms to create the events presented on this site.  Through specially created software, that information is presented in a format that provides consistency, uniformity and ease of access to our consumers.

Performance bookings and updates change so frequently that San Miguel LIVE! cannot, unfortunately, always guarantee 100 percent accuracy of the information provided on this site. Once you have identified a particular performance you would like to enjoy, it is always wise to call the venue to confirm.  We also cannot guarantee that we are promoting every performance happening in San Miguel.  New venues and performances pop up all the time and it is our sincere goal to find them and include them in our database and on our site.

San Miguel LIVE! is not responsible for making reservations, selling tickets or other aspects related to the quality of performances or services of the venues.  We provide you information on reservations and tickets and a link to the venue, where you can make reservations or clarify other information about the performance or venue.  We also provide you information on the performers, including Facebook or website links where you can further check them out or contact them directly for future bookings.

San Miguel LIVE! does not capture or use your personal or contact information unless you opt in to the Weekly Delivery or other future services we may provide; and we only use your information for the purpose of those services.  Whether you opt in or not, we never trade or sell your personal or contact information without your express permission.  You can always opt out of our services at any time.

This site uses cookies and Google Analytics to help improve the functions and ease of use of the site.  By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to use cookies and Google Analytics. 

It is our intention and hope that providing this information to the San Miguel de Allende community will help you more easily enjoy live performance in San Miguel de Allende.

Note to corporations, businesses, agencies, promotional services and all other entities that are not categorized professionally as a performer, performance group, performance organization or performance venue.  San Miguel LIVE! and its owners developed this site for the explicit purpose of promoting live performance in San Miguel de Allende at no cost to performers, performance groups, performance organizations, performance venues and the general public for its use.  This site and service represents our intellectual property, time and financial investment.  It is not intended for the use in any way or for any purpose by other such entities without the express written agreement of San Miguel LIVE!, specifically referring to other promotional websites or services.  This entire San Miguel LIVE! site, its social media pages and all printed and promotional materials are copyrighted, which includes all its content, text, photos, images, logos, designs and any other items represented on the San Miguel LIVE! site, its social media pages and all printed and promotional materials.  San Miguel LIVE! also secures the permission from all performers, performance groups, performance organizations and performance venues to use the materials they post on this website, including content, contact information, photos, images, designs and logos, for the single and express purpose and use by San Miguel LIVE! to promote their information and events.  Their copyrighted information is also protected by the SAN MIGUEL LIVE! copyright.  

If any other such entity is interested in licensing our content or exploring a business relationship with San Miguel LIVE!, you are invited to CONTACT us to discuss.  

In respect for the entire San Miguel de Allende performance community, we THANK YOU for your understanding.