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David Alfaro Siqueiros: La construcción de un mural – FASMA

Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez El Nigromante (Bellas Artes) Hernandez Macias 75, San Miguel de Allende

In homage to the emblematic lesson given by Siqueiros in San Miguel de Allende, entitled "How to paint a mural", from which the unfinished piece Life and work of General […]


Pintura acrílica

This acrylic painting workshop, taught by the teacher Alejandro Palomares, is designed to teach different acrylic painting techniques. In it you will learn to manage composition, contrast, balance, shapes, textures […]


Taller de acuarela – FASMA

delete San Miguel de Allende

Taught by the teacher Alejandro Palomares, this workshop is designed to teach the different techniques of watercolor painting so that you can develop your knowledge and skills. You will learn […]

Escritura Creativa – FASMA

Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel Insurgentes#25, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

We will have the reading of two short stories by Latin American writers, a creative writing exercise for an hour and a half, and reading and commenting on the texts.


Taller de tejido en bastidor – FASMA

On wooden frames, instead of looms, they are used to weave smaller pieces such as pillow cases, small wall hangings, placemats, small ponchos, etc. Experimenting with different stitches and colors, […]